The airport experience of the future – is this the “new norm”?

It’s important to me, more than ever before, that I keep myself informed and updated on the evolving situation in the travel industry so that I’m ready to advise customers on what to expect when they are ready to travel again.

Last week, I attended the Restart Travel Virtual Seminar hosted by TTG (Travel Trade Gazette).  The session “Taking off in a New World” particularly grabbed my attention. The topic, as the title suggests was the airport experience from arriving to boarding an aircraft.

Brad Miller, COO Manchester Airport, gave a particularly in-depth overview of the significant work they have been doing during the past 14 weeks to be ready to welcome passengers again when the skies open.

  • Only passengers will be able to enter the terminal
  • Facemasks will be mandatory in the terminal
  • Screens at check-in desks
  • Hand sanitisers throughout the airport, from check-in to boarding gates
  • Social distancing procedures will be in-place at check-in
  • You will be able to book a security slot in advance – to control the flow of passengers
  • Thermal imaging cameras will be present prior to security
  • Security trays will be cleaned after each use
  • Seats in the waiting areas will be sanitised after each use
  • Boarding flights 10 customers at a time, always from the back of the plane
  • Passengers will scan their own boarding pass and show their passport when boarding the plane


Health & Safety is going to be a question, if not THE main question that a customer will be looking for answers on when booking travel in the future.  It’s so important, that agents have access to this information for all stages of a customers’ journey – from the airport to their chosen accommodation.

It is going to be different, that’s a given, but with the right tools – video, infographics, testimonials etc agents like me can play our part in reassuring customers that their health & safety is paramount.

Let’s get travel moving again!

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